How Do You Determine Which Way to Go



 Review your past.

  • Study your organization’s vision/mission statement (clearly identify why your team exists in light of this statement).
  • Identify the key milestones your team has accomplished over the last one to five years (the highlights and lowlights).
  • Describe what has happened in the organization and what decisions have affected your team over the last one to five years.

 Assess the current state of your team.

  • Report the data and anecdotal evidence regarding the “multiple bottom lines” your team dealt with.
  • Assess your team’s outcomes.
  • Assess processes your team used to achieve those outcomes.
  • Summarize the assessment of your team with a SWOT statement.

Identify goals that would represent successful resolution to your current problems.

  • Exercise awareness: Which problems deserve attention?
  • Exercise analysis: What are the chief causes of the problems?
  • Consider alternatives: What could be done differently?
  • Plan action: Who should do what with whom by when and how?

Envision the direction and new elements of your future.

  • Identify likely future demands that your team may have to respond to.
  • Picture your ideal/preferred future: What would this team be accomplishing if it were fully living up to its potential?
  • Brainstorm new features/directions for your team.
  • Envision the milestones you would achieve.

Plan the actions/tactics needed for implementation.

  • Identify the forces for and against the new and improved team.
  • Identify the strategies to capitalize on the forces for the team.
  • Identify the strategies to reduce the forces against the team.
  • Identify the steps that must be taken to implement the plan.
  • Identify who is responsible for which elements of the plan.
  • Identify a time for achieving the elements of the plan.


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